Problem we can solve for you


Increase product reliability

Our research and optimization of the manufacturing process will increase the strength of your product. We offer better security for your products that will match with your customers’ expectations and requirements.


Optimize product manufacturing process

We can optimize the product for you using specialized software in a short time. Our research will allow you to reduce material and process costs as well as match the best possible material or manufacturing process for your final product.


Provide custom-made solutions

Based on research and measurements results, we create a fully customized product for your customer. We guarantee the outcome that fits the best to body anatomical details. Such a perfect match is impossible for mass-produced products.


Test prototypes in real working conditions

The most recent high-tech specialized numerical simulation software allow us to perform optimization simulations hundreds of different design variants to find the most desired parameters for final product. Using statistical population data, we are able to simulate the real working conditions of the product e.g. the behavior of the implant during the stresses of the human gait.

How it's done?

Web Platform

The innovative CABIOMEDE platform allows the user for ordering our services in a friendly and easy way. A detailed application form gather all the necessary information. You can upload the data files e.g. clinical visit assessment results with a guarantee of full protection.


We offer an unique combination of specialized software and advanced knowledge in the biomedical services industry. We offer top quality CAD design services, MES analysis, rapid prototyping and consulting. Each of our projects we treat individually and with the greatest accuracy and attention to detail.