About us

CABIOMEDE was founded in 2016 by four Biomedical Engineering graduates. We are passionate about engineering design, numerical analysis and rapid prototyping technology.

We want to provide small and medium-sized companies advanced on demand R&D services. Our clients do not have to build own R&D departments to have the access to the advanced technological background. Our mission is to help our clients grow and develop their products.

We offer a comprehensive combination of R&D services – from product designing, quality documentation and FEM analysis preparing, to verifying the results analyses by the prototype testing under real-world conditions and optimizing the production process.

Our main goal is to improve the quality of existing products on the medical market, as well as looking for some new advanced solutions of high technology.


Weronika Jaworska

Experienced biomedical engineer, specialized in medical products development.

Aleksandra Kurkowska

An experienced IT specialist in an international company.

Paweł Pydziński

An experienced specialist at Artificial Heart Reasearch Laboratory at the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development. Author of numerous scientific publications.

Mateusz Pawlik

Team leader. An experienced operational engineer, product engineer in an international medical company. Laureate of many awards and author of scientific publications.