Anaesthetic tube holder


Keeping a patient’s surroundings on the table in order is a common problem during surgeries. It is related to a large number of various tools or instruments used during procedures. One of the more problematic elements are parts of equipment used for inhalation narcosis: endotracheal tubes and cables of patient’s monitors and other equipment. Those tubing run through a big area of operating site and tend to tangle. That impedes doctor’s work and interferes with performing surgery properly. Due to numerous suggestions and requests from the doctors we decided to create a solution – a device – that will solve this problem.


We have done anesthesia products market research within the project and held extensive consultations with veterinary doctors, which allowed for preparing functional and dimensional assumptions of the product. We prepared a prototypical model of an anesthetic tube holder made of robust material, that was carefully tested by a veterinary doctor. The holder received a favourable acceptance and satisfaction of the doctor. Subsequently we introduced minor amendments in the device’s structure based on the doctor’s suggestions. In its final form ,the device was made of light, transparent material.


We created a device which allowed to solve a problem of many veterinary doctors. The product was developed according to the needs of the veterinarians.