Advanced medical
engineering services
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Prototype testing under real-world conditions

Thanks to the most recent numerical analysis technology and wide spectrum of dedicated software, we can perform optimization simulations for hundreds of different design variants to find the most desired parameters of the final product.
Using statistical population data, we can simulate the realistic conditions for the product i.e. the femural implant behavior under load caused by human gait.

Custom-made solutions

Based on research and measurement results, we design a fully customized product for your client. Our team provides the outcome that fits the best to the body’s anatomical details. Such an accurate level of product dimensions and features are impossible to achieve in serial production.

Optimization of product manufacturing process

We can timely and effectively optimize your product due to our wide range of biomedical specialized software. The research allows the reduction of material waste and process costs. You can select the best possible features and parameters of the manufacturing process for your final product.

Increase product reliability

Our research and optimization of the manufacturing process will increase the strength of your product. We ensure the best safety of our products that will match with your customers' expectations and requirements. We offer you increasing the reliability of your product by optimization of design and production process. If there are any problems with your product we will investigate it and determine the reason. With our help you can increase customers satisfaction, fully match their expectations and reduce the amount of complaints.