Orthoses for Hind Limbs

CABIOMEDE orthoses for hind limbs are designed for animals are in convalescence and rehabilitation period. They are also a great solution for animals struggling with limb spasticity.

They provide full stabilization and protection of the hind limb. They keep the limb in a natural position allowing the stabilization and unburdening of the ankle during walk. Orthotics are available in different sizes (XXS to XL) to ensure a perfect fit to the limb.

They are made of biocompatible materials, which allows their use during wound healing. They consist of a polymeric external stabilizer, soft foam liner and non-slip pad. An additional advantage of our orthoses is the possibility of heating them and refitting on the animal's limb, which is very important, for example in the case of a reduction in postoperative swelling.

Orthotics are available in sizes XXS to XL. The measurements of the different ortheses sizes and their prices can be found in the table below.