X-Ray Callibration Marker RTG 25mm

Successful pre-operative planning based on X-Ray imaging require assortment of correct scale ratio. X-Ray Marker was developed specifically for this purpose: with calibration ball of consistent sizes and wide positioning range. By placing calibration ball inside X-Ray photograph frame surgeon can easily asses correct scale ratio and real sizes of examined anatomies. Knowledge of correct scale ratio is crucial for pre-operational planning of procedures such as: TTA and TPLO, providing way to match correct implant size.

Calibration marker is available in 3 variants: fixed to tabletop, on portable stand and on magnetic plate.

  • Used for size calibration of X-Ray photos.
  • Helpful in pre-operative planning (for example: assortment of implant size and form during TTA and TPLO procedures).
  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Flexible arm size can be adjusted to client needs.