Animal wheelchairs

We offer ultralight and modern wheelchairs for animals, designed mainly for dogs and cats. Our solution is prepared according to the individual needs and measurements of the pet, which provide excellent fit and high comfort of use.

Our wheelchairs are designed for animals that weight up to 20 kg. The price of a single wheelchair depends on the weight and size of the pet and is between 750-1250 PLN net.
Wheelchairs for animals that weight more than 20 kg, as well as for the animals with special needs, are made as non-standard designs and are subject of individual pricing.

To order a wheelchair please contact us and send us completed measurement protocol that is available below.

Fill the measurement protocole and order wheelchair

The advantages of our wheelchair

Custom-made shell

The wheelchair's shell is prepared in 3D printing technology and its shape is custom-made. It is also made of materials intended for contact with the skin to ensure comfort and prevent irritation. These features guarantee a unique fit to animal's anatomy and high comfort of use.

Durability and lightness

The wheelchair’s construction provides ease of assemble and the ability to adjust the shell height and position of the wheels. Carbon profiles guarantee the low weight and high durability of wheelchair's construction.

Safety, stability, speed

Shock-absorption provided by the optimized wheelchair design and used materials. Speed provided by the high-quality wheels and bearings. Stability and safety provided by the back supports and bumpers.

Ease of adjustment

The construction of the wheelchair ensures ease of assembly and the ability to adjust height of the shell and position of the wheels. That provides anatomical and the most comfort position for the animal.

Healthy spine

The harness, that connects the animal with the wheelchair, prevents stretching of the thoracic spine and ensures even distribution of the load. Low weight resulting from the construction of the wheelchair and the use of light and durable materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum protects animals against joints and spine overload.