Anatomical models

Anatomical models are of great help for veterinary specialist from field of surgery and orthopedics. They allow precise planning of complicated medical procedures. Anatomical models can also help doctor explain reasoning behind need for medical procedures to clients. Models of anatomical structures - both pathological and healthy - can serve for educational purposes.

We offer preoperative anatomical models based on medical imaging - CT scan - or pre-made STL model files. We prepare our models according to rigorous standards offering high quality of materials and manufacturing. In process of manufacturing we use various 3D printing techniques, witch allow us to offer technology best suited for our client individual needs.

In case of individually prepared models for medical procedure planning we consult whole process with medical professional, to offer most optimal technology and best model quality.

Deformity visualisation

Due to high level of mapping related to base CT scan our models are great visualization of anatomical deformations. They can provide great help in the process of surgical planning and make learning process easier.

Thanks to usage of state of the art manufacturing technology and high quality materials we can visualize even most complex medical cases. With usage of transparent materials we can illustrate inner strictures of various tissues.

Surgical rehearsal

Anatomical models are irreplaceable help during process of surgical planning and preparation for complicated procedures such as: corrective osteotomy, spinal surgeries or comminuted fractures of long bones (in case of witch getting optimal bone chip placement is crucial). Accurate operation planning and its practice allows shortening of overall surgery time by 30%.

Technical information

Model quality

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