R&D on demand

for Medical, Veterinary, Sport and Rehabilitation Industry

How does it work

We are a Research and Development company with a comprehensive combination of the services “on demand”. CABIOMEDE creates CAD designs and FEM analyses using the advanced biomedical software. Our experienced engineers offer product verification from the conception to the completed prototype. The optimization of the products includes its strength, reliability and safety, while controlling unnecessary costs.

CABIOMEDE designs “custom-made” solutions and provides access to engineering expertise, specializing in the certification process of medical devices and bringing new products to the market. Our team is qualified to create and review documentation for grants and other funds.
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How can we help you


R&D on Demand

Thanks to CABIOMEDE advanced on-demand services you do not need to have a R&D department. We provide services that combine expert knowledge in the field of biomedical engineering and the capabilities of dedicated biomedical software.


Custom-Made Solutions

It is our goal to match the product to customers’ needs in accordance to industry standards. CABIOMEDE can determine the undesirable and unsuited elements produced in a series of types.


Initial Contact

We recommend using the contact form to get into touch with CABIOMEDE about your queries and needs.


Guarantee of Confidentiality and Security

CABIOMEDE guarantees the confidentiality of data collection, processing, storage and the patient’s personal information.



The advanced design and numerical analysis services allows thorough product optimization in an efficient and timely manner. Our engineers can help you increase the reliability and durability of your product.


Our Projects

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