Cabinet equipment

Our Cabinet Equipment includes:

1. Wall Organizer – Endotracheal Tubes 

The wall organizer allows convenient storage of the endotracheal tubes in sizes from 2.5 to 10.5 mm. Tubes are grouped by size to allow easy selection of the right size for an emergency. Stainless steel construction provides resistance to external factors and disinfectants. The organizer provides permanent support for stored tubing and easy wall mounting.

2. Anesthesia Tree

Anesthesia tube holder provides an easy and quick positioning of anesthetic tubing and wiring during medical procedures. It allows safe cables management preventing unintended cable movements. Tube holder serve as an excellent addition to inhalation anesthesia equipment.Thanks to wide range of positioning possibilities, holder improves execution of medical procedures and helps to maintain order inside the operating room.

3. Flexible Anesthesia Tube Holder 

Anesthesia Tube Holder with a flexible neck enables easy and fast positioning of anaesthetic tubes , as well as supporting the airflow inside them during surgery. Thanks to a wide range of positioning options, it improves the course of surgical procedures and helps to maintain order in the surgery theatre.

4. X-Ray Callibration Marker RTG 25mm 

Successful pre-operative planning based on X-Ray imaging require assortment of correct scale ratio. X-Ray Marker was developed specifically for this purpose: with calibration ball of consistent size and wide positioning range. By placing calibration ball inside X-Ray photograph frame surgeon can easily asses correct scale ratio and real sizes of examined anatomies. Knowledge of correct scale ratio is crucial for pre-operational planning of procedures such as: TTA and TPLO, providing way to match correct implant size.
Calibration marker is available in 3 variants: fixed to tabletop, on portable stand and on magnetic plate.