Custom-made implants

We offer custom-made bone implants that are prepared in 3D printing technology from certified biocompatible materials. Implant preparation is a multistage process that includes:

1. Providing computed tomography results
The results of computed tomography should be provided along with the remaining necessary medical documentation. 

2. Consultation with the main doctor
Implants are created individually and each of them is created in close cooperation with the patient’s doctor to ensure the best possible results.

3. Development of a implant’s model
The next step is to prepare the implant geometry. It is based on the results of computed tomography. A visualization of the affected bone and the implant are  created. Depending on the complexity of the future implantation surgery, anatomical models and individual tools such as surgical templates can be also created at this stage. 

4. Consultation of the implant’s geometry and its acceptance
The final design of the implant in the form of a computer model and other documentation are presented to the main doctor in order of project approval. At the client’s request, we also offer the preparation of the implant prototype as an additional form of visualization. 

5. Implant preparation
The implant is made in 3D printing technology from certified biocompatible materials. The finished product is sterilized and delivered to the client in a sterile form, which saves time during preparation for surgery.